MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle Online


May 16, 2021
Start released worldwide on Google Play Store.


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MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle Online



The best modern fighting ships are waiting for you! Fight with your friends in the online action game Modern Warships!

The game will make you feel like the captain of a modern ship! All game models are made strictly according to the drawings and look like real ships. The game has a lot of modern weapons and great attention is paid to rocket and cannon battles. And there are also helicopter and aircraft controls.


Key features of the game:

• More than 40 warships, strictly made according to the drawings and real characteristics!
• IJN YAMATO is also available, as a legendary ship!
* USS MISSOURI (BB-63) will also be added!
• You can create custom battlefields and play original matches with your friends!
• Ships, submarines, planes and helicopters in one battle!
• Different classes of ships that can carry different weapons: missiles, guns, grenade launchers, torpedo tubes, planes and helicopters.
• Each ship is a real combat vehicle, which can be fully customized by changing weapons in slots.
• Weekly tournaments with in-game prizes!
• The most modern graphics and a high degree optimization of the game!


Scheduled features of the game:

• Friend system.
• A function that allows you to create a squadron with your friends and play in online battles.


Captain, they are waiting for you!