Update 0.43.5 for MW – MODERN WARSHIPS Information


Update 0.43.5 for MW is out and will be available soon

The game itself will prompt you to update:

This update was made urgently to start fighting the influx of new problems. It may not be stable and the interface is not final and there is no localization for new features, but we will fix everything in the future!

New features:

– Added additional game modes – Online battle, Offline battle, Own game. You can play any ships in your game, you can even push Zumwalt against Hurricane and see what happens).
– Added chat moderation tools. The chat ban for spam / mate is issued for 1 year, it will be possible to play, but you cannot write, even in the battle chat. Because some Chinese citizens set up bots for chats, but now for China the chat will be only from the 9th level of the player.
– Added Chat tag filtering / mat filter for all languages.
– Improved missiles – CJ10 / CJ20 / Kalibr / P700 Granit missile behavior fixes.
– Added highlighting of the “repair” and “trap” buttons for beginners. It will prompt several times, then it will stop.
– The appearance of water has become more realistic on all maps.

Mechanic revision:

– Sometimes the game will ask you to rate it on Google Play, the game needs your ratings. To everyone who gave fives – Thank you!


– Widgets with advertising are moved to the main screen so as not to go after them in the store menu.


– Loaded some of the localizations made by the players.

Anti cheat:

– We made problems for cheaters.

Technical points:

– Fixed crash on the inclusion of “dynamic light sources” from the Zumwalt cannon.
– Fixed loading the store when playing without Google Play.
– An attempt to fix a bug, logging out of the main account (sometimes it happened) and it seemed that progress was “lost”.
– Fixed missing turrets on ships.