Update 0.43.8 for MW – MODERN WARSHIPS Information


Update 0.43.8 for MW is out and will be available soon

The game itself will prompt you to update:

Now I’ll fill in the hotfix, I will need to update the game again.

New mechanics:

– New spectator mode for matches:
1) Displays the status of teams on the sides of the screen (you can see hp and you can switch between players)
2) Added a free camera (the flight is carried out with the stick on the left, like on aviation)
3) Added a button, at the top-left – the mode of turning off the interface for recording videos as in the trailer.
– Added underwater visibility of targets for submarines, it is now easier to torpedo and plan an attack. But it also works in the return line, that if someone shines a submarine, then its outlines appear on everyone’s screen.
– Added sonar for submarines, allowing submarines to navigate in depth.
– Added events inside the battle. The first test event is Storm on the Storm map. A minute later, the waves rise strongly and a “storm” begins. Then everything calms down) While in test mode.

New items:

– Added a new weapon: Korkut-D anti-aircraft system, which is placed in the cannon slot. Shoots at both ships and aircraft. Only at close range.
– Added new weapon: Torpedoes TA 53-65 – Tier 3 torpedoes for submarines.
– Added new weapon: Marlin Autocannons – Micro Railguns.
– Added new flags: Belarus, Soviet flag.

Changes to mechanics:

– For all missiles, fishle fixes:
1) Faster rocket launch from all angles of the ship.
2) More accurate calculation of the missile reduction (earlier it could fall into the water at a long distance)
3) The missile proactive flight system is replaced with the usual target tracking, so as not to fly into the stones. Sometimes this system missed the target significantly and the missiles fell into the water.
4) Fixed a critical bug with desynchronization of the rocket position in a multiplayer game (start of the rocket engine at launch). Now the position of the missiles will be more accurate.
– Added purchase confirmation dialog. Now, buying something randomly that you won’t need will be much more difficult.
– Added a more advanced chat filter that should work much better and stop blotting out normal words.
– A feature with the installation of cannons on ships of the shooting gallery higher than the ship itself is now unlocked from level 15. Tk newcomers put guns on weak ships and raked in battles in full.
– Displayed player ID in player statistics. This will help you better find players if you need to urgently look at something in the player’s profile from the admin side.
– The ranking shows your exact position.
– There are more moderation tools in the chat. Fixed automatic chat blocking (micro moderation) for spammers.

Game balance:

– Some guns have been revised to achieve a better balance among all guns within the same shooting range.
– All missiles have been revised (especially on T3), the HP values ​​of the missiles have been aligned with respect to the speed.
– All aviation has been slightly revised in terms of the number of weapons. It will become easier to play on Aviks, since the need to return to the aircraft carrier for new missiles will be less frequent.
– In offline mode, the farm was cut to adequate values, but in the online mode, they returned to normal values.
– USS Gravely – now has 2 grenade launchers, but less HP.

Visual changes:

– New effect of water on the bow of the ship, repeating the geometry of the waves and depending on the speed.
– The lights on the cannons lit up – railgun zamvalta, orlekon millinium, falax, Gibka, OSA, Kashtan and others. Some anti-aircraft systems with red lights to make enemies fearful)
– Ships Yamato / Nemesis / Admiral Grigorovich / Yaroslav Mudryi – now their lamps are lit.
– Project Bis – added camo, lights on.
– Pyotr Velikiy – replacement of the position of one missile silo (it looks more beautiful at launch than two skimmed missiles), the captain’s front windows were added.
– Fix the disappearance of the font in the list of players in your game. Also, added the shooting range of the ship there.
– KA-52 added second rotor in battle.
– KA-58 added a second rotor in battle.
– Updated visual of mountains on the “Arctic” map.
– Improved readability of hp and ship nicknames in the game scene. Especially in overexposure when looking at the sun.
– The missile container at Fort Worth has been replaced with a more suitable size.

Bug fixes:

– Fixed a critical bug, some missiles did double damage to the target. Because of this, the battles ended very quickly, and sometimes the player’s one-shot happened.
– Fixed a critical bug with submarines, when someone was “underwater” and displayed on the water in a multiplayer game. Because of this, everyone thought there were cheaters in the game who launch rockets underwater.
– Fixed a critical bug when the player’s statistics were not counted for the actions of aircraft and helicopters.
– Fixed a critical bug, rewritten the entire login, should no longer reset the guest account.
– Fixed a bug with missiles flying into the sky. This was especially true on the Varyag.
– Fixed a bug with aircraft, sometimes the squad system no longer worked and aircraft could not be launched from an aircraft carrier.
– The payment system has been rewritten, before it often lost player payments and then had to manually add items. The situation will be much better now.
– Fixed a bug with the player’s nickname disappearing after the match (if you were kicked out of the battle)
– Fixed a bug that the inventory showed a maximum of 20 items in the list
– Fixed inability to change nickname to completely caps. There used to be problems with this.
– Fixed bug with max level 50 (displayed as 1 level)
– Fixed a bug with the fact that when creating a battle, it was sometimes thrown back into the game menu.


– Gameplay optimization. Accelerated processing of ship turrets and all subsystems. The game will work by about 10-15%.
– An attempt to optimize requests to the server (reduces the load on the server, and therefore fewer glitches)
– The system of consumables has been rewritten. Reduces server load.


– Added new interesting proposals, the old ones have been reworked taking into account the preferences of the players.
– The timer between advertisements has been shortened. But the reward has been cut from 50 to 30. The situation is the same with improvement points. But the Bucks did not touch. In general, you will receive more awards, but there will also be more advertising, this will help the project develop further.

Anti cheat:

– We added more problems to the cheaters, let them fall.