Fix 0.42.3 for MW – MODERN WARSHIPS Information


Fix 0.42.3 for MW is out! Coming soon

The game itself will prompt you to update:

– Added an option to the menu “Switch control to a new unit”. Allows the player to automatically switch control from the main ship to a new unit (for example, a helicopter). Or turn off this function, so as not to once again switch control to another unit when it is launched from the ship.
– On the interface with a duplicate fire button, the cartridge counter was conflicting.
– New design of the counter cartridge on the interface.
– Peter the Great gets one more missile shaft (now there will be 2 from 1 slot).
– The P-700 Granite rocket has even more HP and it is difficult to destroy it with air defense
– The helicopter now takes into account the size of the main ship. (earlier on Nemesis the helicopter dropped torpedoes directly on its deck, because it flew too close)
– New main theme music in the main menu.
– The EMRG cannon changed its flag to Turkish. it was actually created there.

First modifications created by players in the localization of the game

– Added first modifications created by players in the localization of the game. Localization edits worked on:

ᴮᴿMєηgєяϕʄ ֆ ϯσηєᴬᴹᴰ (Portuguese)
NavalStyle (Japanese)
KrazyCormorant21313 (Chinese)
IamNotFound404 (Indonesian)
GRIMSCYTHE (Arabic localization)
ᏉᎪᏕᎷᎪᏒᴬᴹᴰ (Greek localization)
CthulhuBlitz (Greek localization)
MISFITs Another Shagͨgͮy ꊠ (English)
ʱᵃʳʳʸӄntτчhawӄᴬᴷ (Spanish)
ZEBRA (Russian)

I especially want to highlight two localizers:

NavalStyle (Naoyuki Inaba) – Gorgeous Japanese translation. Better in places than the original game. Checking the translation – for the first time I saw how the Japanese work and I just went nuts!

GRIMSCYTHE (Grim Scythe) – Translated the ENTIRE game into Arabic, this is a difficult task, especially there were problems with technical tags, but everything was quickly resolved. And it was also necessary to invert the entire language. Big respect and deep bow!