Update 0.43 for MW – MODERN WARSHIPS Information


Update 0.43 for MW is out and will be available soon

The game itself will prompt you to update, you do not need to demolish the game from the device.

New items and ships, maps:

– Added a new map “Arctic”. The map contains drifting ice floes and ice arches. The card is still in work, but now you can start testing it.
– Added new generation Korean destroyer ROK KDDX (KDX-IV) to Tier 2. Main specialization – missiles.
– Added Ukrainian flag.
– Added a US grenade launcher for Tier 3 – RUR-5B ASROC.

! Items of level 15 should be the same in balance as at level 10. But with more interesting game mechanics!

– Added cannon “Coalition” at level 15. The geometry of the coalition is not yet final, because the modelers will only start modeling it.
– Added AK-130 with buckshot at level 15. Allows you to destroy ships at close range with extreme rigidity)
– Laser AA, Railgun, Zircon moved to level 15!

Mechanic refinement:

– Raised the rate of earning dollars on tiers 2 and 3 by 10%, now I hope that boring farming on the first tier will lose its advantages.
– Game pumping will become noticeably faster and more interesting after level 10. The number of player levels has been expanded to 50. All rank icons have been replaced with more beautiful ones.
– At the end of the battle, the player’s experience earned and the player’s progress visually now appear.
– Unloading interface: no longer shows missiles that do not threaten the player. There are fewer markers on the screen.
– Submarine bots now pop up more often and a bug is fully fixed with the fact that you have to wait for them at the end of the battle.
– Replaced radar and detection sounds with more acceptable sounds.
– The round ends if the player dies in offline mode. No more waiting for the bots to finish playing.
– Fixed underloading of player avatars in leaderboards + added display of player rank.
– Fixed: Air on submarines. Previously, pumping air did not affect its quantity in any way.
– Fixed: Improving ship speed did not affect its real speed.
– Improved Scoreboard screen in gameplay. Added player ranks, made everything more readable and beautiful.
– The position of the sun on the Greenlands map has been fixed. Previously, one of the teams was severely blinded by the sun, which created an imbalance.
– The accuracy of all bullet-based air defenses has been increased, making them a fairly effective competitor to missile air defense.
– Added one more RBU for balance to CN Type 052D ship.
– Fixed memory leak on leaderboards.
– Fixed display of flag name in customization.
– Fixed abrupt disappearance of guns at the lowest settings when switching to another unit.
– Fixed display of player level in chat
– Fixed: Who got items from slots – now you can set everything back, the game no longer breaks the interface at this point.
– Fixed: In the workshop, the selection of another selected ship was not reset after re-entering the screen.
– Fixed stretching of the interface on all screens in which there are protruding elements of the phone (phone camera, etc.)


– Added special offers, which will sometimes pop up to the player and offer to buy a ship – this project will live and develop. Please do not bomb, because the future of the project primarily depends on the financial situation. And many thanks to everyone who contributes at least a little to the development!


– Loaded the last player localization that was viewed. Thank you all for your work!
– Fixed: description of F-37 armament, fixed date of Nakhimov.

Visual changes:

– HMS Elizabeth Queen -> gets burning windows. Fixed smoke from pipes. The radars started working and turning.
– USS Independence (LCS-2) -> holes in the geometry in the background have been fixed.
– CN Type 055 -> lights came on at night, missile hatch animations added, radars started working and spinning, holes in geometry were fixed.
– CN Type 052 -> lights on, rockets animation fixed.
– CN Type 053HG -> the lights came on in the night.
– CN Type 094 -> the lights came on in the night.
– CN Type 636 -> the lights came on in the night.
– USS Seawolf -> the lights came on in the night.
– RF Yuriy Dolgorukiy -> the lights came on in the night.
– HMS Duncan -> the lights came on in the night.
– INS Chennai -> the lights are on.
– CN Shandong -> fixed position of aircraft on deck, lights up in the night.
– RF Varyag -> fixed position of RBU.
– Project Bis -> fixed position of aircraft on deck.
– IJN Yamato -> cannons position fixed.
– IT Cavour -> radars started working and turning.
– JS Kurama -> radars started working and spinning.
– IT Caio Duilio -> radars started working and turning.
– Fixes the position of the RAH helicopter.
– USS Port Royal -> gets burning windows. The radars started working and turning. The helicopter hangar is closed.
– USS Vella Gulf -> gets burning windows. The radars started working and turning. Radar textures fixed.
– RIM-7 now rotates vertically.

Another hotfix 0.43.1 for MW is being poured

– The damage of anti-aircraft machine guns increased by ~ 20%.
– Missile markers were not showing, bug fixed.
– It is no longer possible to simultaneously log into 1 account from a heap of devices and bots. Now you can fully participate in the race for heroism.
– Water on some devices was buggy when rendering. Fixed.